20. október 2023

Transgender Child – An Effective Support System in Schools

The Ombudsman for Children in Iceland participated as a partner organization in the project entitled: Transgender Child – an effective support system in school

A conference that summarizes the project will take a place in Warsaw on 24th October 2023. During the conference, a special guide for school managers, pedagogues and psychologists will be presented. It will be accompanied by two reports. The first one summarizes the best practices in Iceland regarding creation of safe and inclusive space for LGBT+ children in schools. The second one is about Polish good practices in transgender and nonbinary children and youth inclusion as members of the school community.

The goal of the nationwide Polish project called Transgender Child – An Effective Support System in Schools is to prevent and lower the levels of discrimination and violence resulting from prejudices against LGBTQIA+ persons, mostly transgender ones, in Polish primary and secondary schools.

The leading organization in the project is Fundacja Psycho-Edukacja (Foundation for Psycho-Education) partnering with the Ombudsman for Children in Iceland and Warszawskie Centrum Innowacji Edukacyjno-Społecznych i Szkoleń (Warsaw Centre for Education and Social Innovations and Trainings).

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